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Do you have a butler back home? Well you will have one in Rio! Our Concierge service was created to satisfy your every need. Whether it’s a reservation at the best restaurant in town, tickets to a concert, a chauffeur-driven car for the evening, or a chef to prepare a special meal, we will grant your every wish

Rio Inn Collections is 24/7. We are as close as you can get to a genie in the bottle or Jeeves… So enjoy your time in Rio and have fun! Whatever you desire, imagine it and we will make it come true.

Some of the services we provide are:

-       Transfer in: airport to apartment

-       Transfer out: apartment to airport

-       Executive car with private driver

-       Grocery shopping: make your list and leave the rest to us

-       Reservations at restaurants or nightclubs (see our list of associated establishments)

-       Dinner at home: we bring the chef to you (Brazilian cuisine – see our menus; Sushi chef)

If you want something in particular, ready for your arrival, or you have a special requirement, let us know and we’ll arrange it before you arrive at the apartment.

About our services