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If you have an apartment in Rio, located in a nice neighborhood, and would like to turn it into a lucrative business, as well as having a team of professionals at your disposal to take care of management and maintenance, contact us!

We are always looking for great apartments for long or short-term rental. We are dedicated to creating “tailor-made” agreements to meet the needs of each one of our business associates.

With our expertise in offering a high quality service in the market of short-term rentals, Rio Inn Collections can create a design project to enhance the decoration of your apartment, or arrange for an architect and interior designer to consult on a complete or partial refurbishment project, in return for exclusivity on the leasing. With the full consent and agreement of the owner, we will purchase parts and equipment and create a new design with the latest styles in interior decoration to create a contemporary feel, and give your guests a welcoming and special experience.

After concluding the refurbishment, we will send our team to photograph the apartment according to the high standards of Rio Inn Collections. Now your property is ready to be placed on our website and you can start enjoying the benefits of our management.

Rio Inn Collections recognizes the trust given to us by the owners, and so we treat each apartment as if it were our own. We arrange for regular routine inspections to check everything is in order and we handle the maintenance of the apartment, the furnishings and decoration.

We are responsible for managing the general maintenance services and cleaning of the apartment. If the owner wishes, we can also take care of paying any monthly bills of the apartment.

This way, you can enjoy the benefits of turning your empty property into a lucrative business, without having to deal with the problems and worries these leases can entail.

Contact us to arrange a visit to your apartment, and we’ll explain each step of our action plan and the financial returns your property can generate.

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